5 Ribbed Desoto Style Aluminum Bumper (each)
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All of the Desoto Style 3 rib and 5 rib bumpers are custom made when you order and these bumpers are made out of a high quality aluminum and are polished to a brilliant shine.

Bumpers are made  specifically for all Ford passenger cars from Model A's through '51 and Chevrolet passenger cars through '53.  This includes Ford Pickups through '56 and Chevrolet Pickups through '54.  Bumpers are also made specifically for most Merc, Plymouth, Olds, Chrysler and Dodge passenger cars and pickups from the same vintage.  For makes other than these - Just ask! 

Since thes are made when you order, 4-6 weeks needs to be allowed from order date to delivery date.

3 Rib pricing starts at $275.00 per bumper

5 Rib pricing starts at $305.00 per bumper

***please know that bumpers do NOT come pre-drilled to mount. That way you can place the bumper where it looks best to you and use whatever brackets (with modifications) that you would like. Bolts for the the ribbed bumpers are sold seperately***

So we can make sure the correct bumper is ordered for your car, or if you have any questions, please call us toll free at: 855-776-9537

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5 Ribbed Desoto Style Aluminum Bumper (each)

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