Polished Aluminum Hildebrandt Oil Filter (each)
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Hildebrandt Oil Filter authentically reproduced externally but modified internally to accept a spin on oil filter. The adaption of the spin on filter give you full pressure filtration unlike a Beehive filter. The filter is a very common one used in most all Ford six and V-8 engines (Napa 21515, Delco PF2, Fram PH8). We ship it with a NAPA filter that has a Nitrile anti drain back flapper in it. The inlet and outlet holes are drilled and tapped for 3/8 pipe thread. There are four drilled and tapped mounting bosses on the rear as on the originals (~1 3/8" high by 3" wide bolt pattern. We also ship it with four 1" long 1/4-20 studs for mounting purposes.
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Polished Aluminum Hildebrandt Oil Filter (each)

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